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It's not just a grocery store to us it's about our community and the people we serve. OCI is a place of warmth, service, good and friendly vibes where we can bring home closer to our people. WE BRING the ISLAND to where ever we are. 


We're family owned small business providing goods and services from our Pacific Island to our community here in US. We import and promote Pacific Island made products produced in the South Pacific like crafts, handmade jewerly, and many other products produced in Samoa, Fijian Island, the Kingdom of Tonga and many more.


Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey, we're born and raised in the Island of Samoa. I grew up in the village of Apia with my parents and helped my Uncle at his pharmacy growing up, I learned sales, marketing and customer service by being part of his growing business in Sogi, Apia. Later on we also opened our very own business in the middle of our village in Apia and helped my parents maintain and kept it running for many years. 

My wife also grew up in her family business in the village of Faleapuna, first started by her late Grandfather Yuk Yiu Hing. Later was passed down to her father the late Vaitolo Apulu Yiu Hing and moved the business to the village of Tufuiopa, Apia and later was transitioned from a Grocery Store into a Wholesale called V&F Yiu Hing Wholesale Co Ltd from 1975-2000. And was amongst many other competitive Wholesalers in the Island at the time Frankie, Ah Liki, Molesi & McKenzie to name a few. 

She helped run her family business and is knowledgeable in business management, oversee 20 plus employees while still in school and later decided to help her family with the business while her siblings continued their education overseas. She also learned many business skills, customer service, finance and many more during her early years. We later started a family and helped her parents run the family business until we decided to move to the US to start our own future together in Orange County, California. 

As a former Manu Samoa 1st 15 squad and former Toa Samoa player. I found myself playing in the OCI Rugby team in OC. OCI stands for Orange County Islander Rugby Team which we later named our store after. We have always wanted to run our own business. As our kids got older we decided to make use of our time and opened our very first Polynesian store in Orange County in October 2021. We are both passionate about serving others and enjoy the daily challenges of what it takes to build a business and also the blessings of what it can bring to the community and also to leave a legacy for our children and to inspire others most of all the next generations to develop a business mindset, and strive for a better future here in the United States. We hope to continue our service for many years to come for our Polynesian community and many others. Faafetai tele lava.


We sell fresh produce imported from the South Pacific like taro, green bananas, corned beef, Fijian Bongos, UFO's, Fijian twisties, NZ mutton flaps, baked goods such as the famous manapuas, island favorite german buns and so much more..


Our mission is to bring happiness in our community and the warmth of Polynesian love to the people we serve. To make them feel closer to home as much as possible by providing friendly service and quality products from the South Pacific. To help build positive community bringing a safe environment and safe neighborhood in our community. 


Awesome service. Great food. Thank you so much. Fa'afetai tele. God bless the business

Jane. P.

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